Phenomedica is a Pharmaceutical distributor and Regulatory affairs specialist with a difference.We have mastered the market needs, and also understand lives depend on us. We are here to offer quality Service.



Human &Veterinary Medicines

Understanding the laws of another country requires the expertise of the people on the ground. We help you in get registration for your pharmaceutical product, annual retention for the kenyan market, filling for variations and form the link between you and the National Medicines Regulatory Authority. 

Medical Devices and Diagnostics

Medical Equipment. Diagnostic Kits

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Regulation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics is different from other products. We have expertise in getting you the necessary registration documentations to allow you import or export your products into and out of the Kenyan Market. Wherever you are on the Globe, we are here to help.



Nutritional Supplements

 Nutritional Supplements or food supplements form the essential part of providing our bodies with nutrients that are otherwise not consumed in enough quantities. 

We specialize in getting your nutritional supplements registered and into the market.